At one point, after watching enough of them, I became curious over the effort needed to create a gaming video. That is, to record multiple media sources at the same time and render it all together, as another production medium.


And whether it was because I did not have the right equipment, or enough knowledge to fully grasp the editing involved, I eventually decided it required too much effort for my liking. Here is where you can witness the end results:

Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack

Naturally, most of my experimenting took place at the beginning. Even though the best approach was not to put the focus on myself, I think this video proved effective by being short and sweet.

Death Unknown

A change of software and the switching of visual priority led to this more mainstream attempt. I also assumed I would be able to provide more engaging dialogue by sticking to horror games.

Black Rose

…And then I unexpectedly wound up playing a game that successfully combined just about all the key elements of horror I feared the worst! Which in turn began to steer me away from pursuing this further.

Static Speaks My Name

Finally, although the experience was great and this subject made you think, I remember how tedious and painful the editing in post had been. I felt such a sense of closure, but when I look back…I still had fun.

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