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The only explanation I will give you for what I am about to share, can be told in the form of a bold and sincere statement, and it is my wish that you live by these words:

Never lose your childlike imagination, and do not be swayed by anyone who demands otherwise! Because the sole reason this site exists, along with all the content I will ever produce, has ultimately stemmed from my own desires to create.

Everyone at some point has come up with a visual representation of their conscience. An imaginary friend from scratch, or even a blatant copy of a fictional hero from a feature presentation. And Syncro was mine.

I never intended for him to become my own personal escape from reality, or a coping mechanism who could magically make decisions on my behalf. But sometimes he did, and quite honestly, I am not ashamed to admit it was for the best. In fact, as odd as it may sound, I really have this guy to thank for all that I am today.

To anyone who has ever recognized this guy…I have a slight confession to make. In truth, Caneu was not initially my creation. A lot of his visual identity was the property of someone else, who then sold the ownership.

I gave him a name since that time and customized his anatomy significantly, to more accurately represent the secondary character I always wanted to develop. I think of it as someone else who partly beat me to it, because his first draft was wildly recognizable in my mind, which in turn helped me decide to claim him.

My most recent, and longest ongoing, motivation behind the continued existence of these characters is actually driven by the oldest form of art I ever attempted to excel in, which is storytelling. I have constructed fairly extensive biographies and personality traits over time, including some supernatural abilities. One day, I hope to convert a percentage of my written works into finished products worthy of sharing, because long ago I accepted the challenge of designing fictional creatures that dared to become relatable, and likable, and complex, and just uniquely interesting to an ordinary human.

After all, one of them is more energetic, comical, sensitive, and capable of inducing amnesia, while the other one is instead more serious, reserved, has perfect pitch, and can fully manipulate the element of water.

Are you curious enough to ask which is which? Oh well…how about I let you play the guessing game here!

Thank you for visiting my site!



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