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Throughout the entire history of music, there have been singers who sound perfectly refined on a studio recording, but then sound like complete garbage when they sing in front of a live audience. And then throughout someone's personal history, there are deeply satisfying moments that occur when a life milestone is reached.

To say in the least, this page will prove to you what the best outcome of that earlier paragraph looks and sounds like:

My first performance was a private business function, as part of an open house event. Most of the crowd simply came and went, and that auditorium never had any more than maybe 20 in attendance at a time. Basically, the public interest was not really there.

But I focused instead on the fact that I would be videotaped, and so I still wanted my uplifted mood to properly radiate with everyone in the room, and of course with you watching now. I pretended to be performing a grand show in front of a televised broadcast, and I did manage to succeed, from all the feedback I received afterwards.

I do not speak of this lightly, and I am not exaggerating, when I say that this moment had been an absolute dream come true! For me, knowing I would again be videotaped, meant everything that made me who I became was on the line, and even then, the outcome was a gamble. I tried to rehearse the spontaneous choreography as best I could, and considering the song I was singing, I remember practicing overtime.

The venue was held at a legitimate concert hall talent show that seated at least a thousand, hosted by a famous local celebrity, with me stealing the show by performing my most favourite, and most challenging, song of all time. Fortunately for me, I pulled off that act almost exactly as I envisioned it, and the editing work just translated so incredibly well on camera. I could not have asked for more!

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